Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last day of school.....

Em and I have been coughing for a few days now so yesterday we decided to take it easy.... before I have two kids home all day with me starting tomorrow.

Today is Aidan's last day - so I had to make this little box up last night. I wish I had used pink thread instead of the cream. She also got a gift card tucked in to use for her classroom supplies (she does lots of crafts with the kids all year) or to use however she likes.

Aidan in the car ready for his last day of Kindergarten.

While Em was watching some kids shows off Netflix, I was able to cut out some yellow hexagons for my RSC hexagon flowers. Then I had to sit next to her..... so I started putting my hexie flowers from my leftover triangle quilt together. I now know the key is to make rows and then sew the rows together by hand. I have hand pieced my hexagons rather than using English Paper Piecing. I need to prep a bunch more white ones to make more flowers and connectors. That will give me something to do for the last wait in the car for a boy at school for a couple of months.

I do love how this is coming together...... and it is helping me to figure out what in the world I will do with all my rainbow hexagon flowers I have been making all year.


  1. Your hexie flowers are turning out splendidly ... so adorable!!!

  2. Hope your cough is going away. Love the little teacher basket - sure she did too! Take care. ~Jeanne

  3. The hexies look great. I've got a bunch of EPP backed for our camping trip this weekend.

  4. So so pretty.. the white is perfect!