Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Monthly Mayhem wrap up and goals for July.

I had four things on my list of goals this month.

1.) machine quilt and bind the blue double bed size log cabin quilt. Blue parts are outlined and I started the feathers - about 1/4 of the quilt is done. No where near perfect but we all need to start somewhere! 

2.) Complete a 12 inch applique block for the Century quilt. - Completed!

3.) Hand quilt the Little T quilt. No progress because of #4.

4.) Start assembling the spring hexagon flowers into a little quilt. Great progress was made here with lots more flowers made and a bunch of them have been assembled into two sections. Then I realized my two parts will not go together... so I needed to make nine more colors and a bunch more white ones. The colors are done and will get attached tonight so I can make a little more progress on this.

One got done and two made progress. I am calling that a win! We had some unexpected things happen in June and some know things. Grandma landed in the ER and had surgery to remove her gall bladder. She is all better and nearly back to 100%. We did have a dog visiting with us for about 10 days while she was recovering. Then our assistant manager was on vacation for 10 days. She is home but not scheduled to work until Wednesday. Thank goodness they did not happen at the same time! I worked a bit more than normal this month to cover her hours. I hope for more sewing time in July.

Goals for July.

1.) Finish that Log Cabin quilt - quilting and binding. Outline quilting of the blue parts is done. Now to continue on with the feathers in the cream parts and then figure out the borders.

2.) Prep and applique another Century quilt block this month.

3.) Continue assembling the spring flowers little quilt.

4.) Hand quilt the Little T quilt for a change of pace =).

5.) Continue with the RSC challenge in the color selected for July. 12 churn dashes, 13 or so hexagon flowers hand pieced with yellow centers, a 16 patch block of 2.5 inch squares, sampler blocks. I'll have a post on Wednesday of all the blocks I have made so far this year!

6.) Continue Tiny Tuesday blocks from The Civil War Love Letter quilt.

7.) Start step 2 on the Celtic Solstice mystery from last fall. Good thing I printed them all off - the pattern is no longer available on line at Bonnie Hunters website but it will be in a future book.

8.) Get to the beach with the kids at least one day this month. I'd love to do an overnight but will be happy with a day. Booked for an overnight at the beach this month, Yippee!

9.) See some fireworks this year - it has been ages (before kids) since I have gone to see fireworks.

I'm linking up with Kathi over at KCDesigns for the Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster Linky Party.... I think I got that right!


Design Originals by KC said...

Deb, I love the pics you showed of progress from last month.. so happy you threw a trip to the beach in for you and your littles this month! As for your quilty goals... go for it! Hope to see that log cabin finish soon! lol Thanks for linking up! Kathi

scraphappy said...

Busy month! It is amazing how much you got accomplished with everything else that went on next month. Looking forward to the Wednesday post.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

That's a mighty ambitious list of goals you have for July, but if anyone can do it, you can! Hopefully July will be a quieter month for you.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

You had some lofty goals going on there ! Seems to me that you got quite alot done and how pretty everything is! :)

Angie said...

Wow - that's a lot of goals - I hope you have a lot of fun while you're working on them! LOVE the yellow flower buds on the Century block!

Little Penpen said...

I love your happy colored hexies! Those are almost addicting, aren't they? And yes!! for the beach. I'm hoping to go sometime in July, too. We live approx. 3.5 hours from the beach and I am itching to get there!!

Edith said...

Wow Deb, you are ambitious! Love the Grandmother's flower garden. Perhaps a list would help me?