Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday, Wednesday.....

I've had the parts for the churn dashes sitting on the sewing table for a little while now. This morning I took the 15 minutes to sew the seven of these together. I need to cut 5 more out to have my 12 yellow churn dashes for this month. Maybe I can prep those on Friday.... if I don't have to work. I know I am swapping with G tomorrow so he can watch the kids final swim lessons. Aidan's second coach wants to test him for the 2 lap swim - which would get him a swim cap and goggles and advancement to stroke school. I was not planning more lessons for this summer... but maybe we'll try and squeeze in another 2 weeks if he doesn't get tested and pass tomorrow.

This afternoon after swim lessons I sewed together 'Treats from home'. I picked an easy one today.

Then I had a little girl bugging me about making a pillowcase as a present for their friend's birthday. Her party is on Saturday. After a text to her Mom this morning to find out her favorite color - 'pink' - we looked in the stash and selected this cute pink check print with a white accent to make the pillow. They have also been busy making her some paper craft gifts and cards to go with this. Em ran the foot pedal for two of the three seams.

Buddy is laying in the bathroom - so he either hears thunder in the distance that we can't or he just likes the small cool and dark room this afternoon! Hopefully if there are any storms they are done by 6:30 so we can get another walk in with him tonight.


  1. gotta sneak in that sewing wherever you can!

  2. Good job on getting some sewing done! Love your yellow churn dashes and that cute little "treats from home".

  3. Great blocks - you had a very productive day! So nice to have Em help make her friend's pillowcase.