Friday, June 6, 2014

RSC First Saturday in Yellow (a day early!)

Since it is a working weekend for me - if figured I'd better write my post up today.
I got to play with some yellow this week.

Two RSC blocks were completed.
Lovers Knot and Framed Four Patch

I also did a lot of hand work this week - mainly with hexagon flowers. I cut out 8 earlier this week and sewed them up over the last two evenings. I cut out an additional 5 this morning. Just need to use my new handy dandy template I created to mark my sewing line for these on the back.
VTQuilter - hexagons. 1 inch finished each side.

I finally had a light bulb moment and created another template for my hexagons (I use one to trace them for cutting out.) and drew lines 1/4 of an in on the inside and then cut out the middle on that line. Perfect sewing line every time and so much easier than how I was doing it. You can see my new template here.

1 inch hexagon template with the center cut out. This is used to mark my hand sewing lines.

Yesterday after our play date at the park I took the kids to Walmart to get 3 things.... and then I added a yard each of their choice of fabric. Ok... they each got to pick out two yards and I picked one in purple. We then made one set of pillowcases yesterday! The purple is for my niece Kristin - who never got one with her quilt  3 years ago. Emily picked a cotton fleece with princesses in pink. Aidan picked super hero's.

They want to make their second one today (dinosaurs and tinker bell) .... but first we did a bike ride, next will be pulling up the garden and attempting to replant and weeding a bit out back in the other ones. We just need to remember to water the garden every morning! A quick shower for me -then some errands to run, including the library to pick out books. Home for lunch and then homework time for both (ridiculous amount of homework sent home with Aidan for the summer). Then...... pillowcase time. I think we'll all deserve some pool time after that. Speaking of which... I'd better go check the balance now in case I need to add some chemicals. Did that while the pictures were loaded and we are good to swim!

Head on over to SoScrappy on Saturday morning for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge link party.


  1. Everyone is posting a day early and I am enjoying the preview! Busy times at your house. Hope summer slows down soon. Enjoy!

  2. Busy lady! But everything gets done including those lovely RSC blocks. Lovely pillowcases. Now when you say they want to make their second one, do they do the sewing or are they helpers?

  3. Busy household! It's a wonder you find time for sewing!! Cute hexies flowers ... and children too! :)

  4. You inspire me ... so productive yet you still manage to sew and quilt. I want to be more like you! ;-)

  5. Neat "lightbulb moment" tip! You can also use that template for previewing fabric designs for fussy cutting!

  6. Your garden is growing by leaps and bounds!

  7. Lots of pretty blocks and flowers - super mom - you need to make yourself a cape while whipping up those pillow cases.

  8. I agree when handpiecing it is so much easier with perfect seam allowances. I love the way your yellow flowers are turning out. Looking forward on how you will assemble them all. I didn't get any yellow blocks made this week. But there is still plenty of time.

  9. Love your little yellow flowers. How do you find the time?

  10. Love their pillowcases! Your hexagons are very nice. Love the colors too.

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  11. Love your yellow blocks and pillowcases! Homemade pillowcases are so special. Everyone LOVES them.

  12. You've got a good start on your yellows. What a clever hexie template. I'm all for anyting that makes things simpler!

  13. Busy...busy! I was able to make some blocks in yellow too - yaaay.

    I did the same with my hexi template. It really does make things go a lot easier and quicker. ;)