Monday, June 2, 2014

ABC's of me.....

Andee had the neatest post last week - the ABC's of me. I learned a lot about her and figured it would be fun to play along.

A- Age: 40-ish

B- Bed size: Queen

C- Chore you hate: cleaning the shower.

D- Dog's name: no dog but I do have two cats: Sophie and Maxie.

E- Essential food/item: chocolate.

F- Favorite color: blue followed by green. No wonder I have so much blue and green in my stash!

G- Gold or silver: Gold.

H- Height: 5'2 - good things come in small packages, right?

I- I am: trying to stay sane while being a Mom to my two munchkins (age 6 and 5)

J- Job: Stay at home Mom who also keeps the household running. In my spare time I do the books and work a couple of days running our business - a pool supply company.

K- Kids: I have two. Aidan is 6 and Emily is 5. I am counting down the days until August 18th when they are both in school full time!

L- Living arrangements: We live in a 4 bedroom house (one bedroom is my sewing room!) in Ocala, Florida with a nice big back yard.

M-Mom's name: Arlene

N- Nickname: Deb to my friends, Debbie to my family and anyone who knew me up until I graduated from high school. Mom or Mommy to my kids..... or Aidan's Mom or Emily's Mom!

O- Overnight hospital stay: When I had my kids. When they were sent back to have some beach time under the billie lights for jaundice - twice for Aidan and once for Em. I also had an overnight the end of December when my blood pressure got low or I got dehydrated and passed out and knocked my head pretty good. All is better now thank goodness. Just have to drink a power zero a day and I am good to go.

P- Pet peeve: People who constantly check their phone while out at restaurants.

Q- Quote from a movie: 'To infinity and beyond!'.... sorry, only thing I could think of from Toy Story.

R- Right or left handed: Right handed but I am ambidextrous. Found that out when I broke my arm in the seventh grade and had to write left handed for a bit.

S- Siblings: Two older brothers and two older sisters.

T- Time you wake up: 6AM but I get out of bed 6:20 or 6:30 ish. I'm looking forward to the day the kids start sleeping in.... age 10 maybe? I've got 4-5 more years!

U- Unique thing about your car: I got nothing!

V- Vegetable you hate: Okra

W- Ways you run late: I am usually early..... but the kids tend to make me late.

Y- Yummy food you make: The kids are trained to say everything =). I learned to cook and bake from the best - my Mom.

Z- Zoo favorite: I like the monkey's and the panda bears.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

These are fun ... I did one a few years back. It might be fun to try it again one of these days ... see what (if anything) has changed.

Ellen said...

I pictured you to be taller and not such a shorty. That's are still tall to me! ;)

Sheila said...

Those are fun to read. I pictured you taller, too. I'm not tall either.

Andee said...

This was fun! I remember the days when I watched Toy Story again and again--and that is a good quote!