Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wacky weather Wednesday....

Storms normally start mid to late afternoon during the summer months in Florida. Today - they started around noon. A crash of thunder in the distance just as the horn went off to signal the swim lessons were done for the morning. Both kids did great and got stickers to advance to the next level. Em is now onto big arms and Aidan passed that one and is working on three strokes and breathing to the side on the fourth one. Both swam all the way across the pool - 8 or 9 lanes worth!

Before we headed out I quickly cut and sewed this CWLLQ block together while the kids were gathering up their towels, change of clothes and their waters.

This is called The Fall of Richmond. It went together very easily. 3.5 inch square in the middle and the rest were made with a 2 inch strips of fabrics.

I had prepped the appliqué to work on at swim lessons but ended up sewing a row of white hexagon flowers together and then attaching them to one of the sets I have already made. Sometimes you just need to go with whatever project you are in the mood for. It was 86 in the car with the sun beating down on me today.... and it was down to 72 on the way home with the kids as the storm was going through. Hopefully it moves through quickly and I can get them outside and in the pool this afternoon. It was overcast with thunder most of yesterday afternoon again so they are going a little stir crazy.... and getting a few too many shows on tv.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Ah yes, I remember "big arms" and I'm sure that T#4 will some day graduate to the "big arm" class. What fun it must be to see Aidan swim other strokes. One of the advantages of working on more than one project at a time, I'm discovering, is that I can work one whatever I'm in the mood to work on ... I know, I'm a little late in that discovery. ha!

Ellen said...

Both blocks look great!