Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday, Sunday.....

I plan to do a little more stitching on some appliqué peels later this evening for the border of the hugs and kisses quilt.

I did a bunch of them last night watching Hocus Pocus. I had taped it earlier this week off Disney since I always love watching that movie in the fall around Halloween. Now, I have seen this movie yearly and was quite surprised when Greg pointed out last night that the boy in the beginning of the movie was McGee from NCIS! I pulled out my Mac and looked it up and Oh My Goodness! I have watched both for years and years and never put that together!

Back to slow stitching. I added borders to my quilt with the thinking that would finish it off with a scrappy binding.

Hmmmm. I like how it looks with the peel border after that calming strip but now I need to do some math to make the borders work or play with it a bit to figure something out. A truly work in progress this week as I try and get this to a top that I like.

Head on over to Kathy's Quilts and see what others are slow stitching today.

Had to throw in a picture of the Tiger scout in his uniform yesterday. See those patches on the arm and above the shirt - 1hour to get three numbers, a chapter patch and the little circle patch above the pocket onto that shirt. Quilts are so much easier than sewing those little buggers on!


  1. I like the arrangement of your orange peels in your quilt. I haven't seen that arrangement before.
    Your scout looks great in his uniform

  2. Liking the direction you are going on your orange peel quilt! It really made such a difference.

  3. Now I have to laugh after seeing and reading about patches...not too long ago my son showed up with a huge Combat Veteran patch wanting to know if I could sew it onto his leather motorcycle jacket.

    HA HA HA ...uh. no? Better go to a pro shop for that one, son! :)

    Your quilt is looking lovely...will be fun to see how you end it with your borders :)

  4. Like the borders on the quilt - it is going to be another gorgeous finish! The Tiger scout is cute. I remember sewing on those darn little patches - hard on the fingers. I agree that quilting is easier! ~Jeanne

  5. The orange peel border works well with that innner border between it and the center. It will definitel;y be worth the effort to figure out the math to make it fit.

    I know what you mean about those patches! The ones that have thread wrapped around the edges as a finish are easier, as you can just catch the thread and not have to push through the patch. The ones that just have a cut edge - ugh. And they have that awful plastic coating on the back that makes it harder to push through... and let's not get into patches on pockets. They don't really need the pocket to be open do they? I can just stitch through it, right? Ah well, wait a few years and your Scout will be sewing on his own patches and badges. I haven't done one for my son in several years, and he is very proud of that!

  6. Love your quilt and the borders too. why do they make those patches so hard to sew. I remember sewing on Brownie patches when my daughter was younger!

  7. That calming border is perfect... great choice!
    Enjoy stitching peels!

  8. Hugs & Kisses is looking good - I'm sure you'll figure out a border solution!

    I remember those Scouting days! I know I definitely used fabric glue to hold the patches in place while I stitched them on the machine.

  9. LOL! I adore Hocus Pocus!! It's one of the movies my sister and I watched this week (and one of my standard October DVD watches)!!! I have NEVER noticed that about the character being the same actor as McGee! Gives me an excuse to watch it again -- LOL! Any other favorite Halloween/autumn movies? Your orange peel quilt is gorgeous! :)

  10. What a great quilt Deb! Love the orange peel borders!!! And your little Tiger scout is adorable :)

  11. It appears that you are doing the needleturn applique method. I am practicing my applique skills with those seds. Your quilt looks great.

  12. Nice work on your hugs and kisses quilt. I remember sewing those patches on, too.

  13. I love the border you're adding to your quilt...reminds me of falling leaves.


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