Friday, September 12, 2014

A Friday Finish.....

The last appliqué block for The Century Quilt is completed.

 I have another of this December block in a package which will probably be made up for a pillow to go with this quilt. All 12 blocks are completed so in the next two weeks I think it will be time to start assembling this into a top. I have not trimmed down the appliqué blocks to 12.5 inches yet so they look a little bigger in the photo.

I now have all 12 of these pattern instructions.... what do you tend to do with them? Do you ever make another quilt or some of the blocks using the pattern and your own fabrics? I could see those four appliqués done as a wall hanging in some batik type fabrics......

The boy was home yesterday with a fever (twice already this year - I think it is time to test for allergies!) . He went to school today and I'll head in and have lunch with him. I had his open house last night. Boy,  first grade down here seems like grade 3 or 4 when I was in school! His teacher also mentioned having him tested for their 'gifted program' but they won't let the paperwork be handed in until week 12 of school. Seems strange to me as both his teacher last year and this year as well as his teacher he goes to for enhancement reading all said he should be tested. Oh well, we'll wait for the process I guess. It would mean he is taken out of class one day a week and sent to a teacher to challenge them more in all their subjects. We'll see what happens with that and hopefully he does not get too bored in class in the meantime. It sounds like they have to teach at one level despite having children at lower and higher levels in their class. I would think they would have grouped the kids together a little better to have like learning skills to make it easier for the teacher, but that is public school for you. 
Ok - time for me to finally play with prairie points and get those attached to the other quilt this morning. I hope to get that one to a top by lunchtime.


  1. Your block is lovely! Don't you just love laying out your blocks when they get completed. I agree the schools have a hard job, but I think we miss the mark when we try to make everyone the same. Both ends of the spectrum get jilted.

  2. I love the blocks and the colors in this quilt - looking forward to seeing everything assembled!

  3. That is going to be one pretty quilt. I love the colors, the piecing, the applique. I should stop admiring applique and start doing some...but the to-do list is just so darned long already! I hope school settles to an appropriate level of challenge for your son. We've struggled with school boredom with our daughter. So far so good this year though!

  4. A good allergist is a good thing in Florida. It made a world of difference for my little guy who was always sniffling. I guess we have more allergens here than other places.
    Don't let them delay the gifted testing too long. We went though it with my son and it was 18 months before they placed him in the program! First he was too young and might not pass, then it was too late in the year then the next year it was too early. The sooner they start the process, the sooner they can get him properly placed! You do have rights and the school gets extra money for each gifted student.
    Your quilt blocks are lovely! I always wonder about the patterns too. I have all the kit instructions from something I made years ago, but I just don't think I'd ever make it again. Still seemed like a shame to get rid of them.

  5. Your finished block is gorgeous! I can't wait to see those blocks finished into a top. I don't buy many patterns but I do save them. I am going to make a second Primitive Picnic Quilt ... I'm making 2 patches (that will eventually become 25 patches and alternated with strip blocks) as my leaders and enders. Too bad they don't group students together by level so those on either end of the spectrum aren't bored and/or overlooked.

  6. Your Century quilt block is so pretty; all of your blocks will really look fabulous together..hugs, Julierose