Monday, September 22, 2014

Design wall Monday....

The lawn desperately needs mowing.... I did try to start the riding lawn mower but it did not even try to turn over for me. That told me I should be inside sewing instead of outside doing yard work! =)

I finished the quilting on Starlight wishes - three walking foot lines outlining the prairie points on the outer border and nice swirls in the stars. Then came the binding color decision. I took pictures and sent them to Mom....and the email was not going through. Oh well, the coin toss and enough fabric had one of these three winning - yellow, blue or red. Which do you think won?

Starlight Wishes.
My hugs and kisses quilt has been sitting patiently for the borders to be added for a while now. I counted them up and needed 8 more peels as of last week so I prepped them and did them up last Wednesday. Today I sewed them together and added the top and bottom border......... Now I am not sure I like it! I think it distracts from the rest of the top...... I think there will be a bunch of unpicking in my future of those border peels.... and then I can prep this quilt for hand quilting, without those peel borders. Hmmmm. Maybe a plain border in between the two? What do you think?

With peel border

Without peel border.


  1. Bet the red won on Starlight Wishes. Or maybe the blue??? I do love that quilt! ~Jeanne

  2. Too bad the lawn had to wait and you got to sew instead :)The nice thing about my kids getting older is that they do the lawn and I sew. I think a border between the center and the peel border might do the trick. Or no borders, just binding. Sorry, I'm no help at all!

  3. I love red for bindings. Something about it is just happy. As for the border -- it might work with a stop border between.

  4. I like the blue binding, but each one would work. As for the border I agree it is distracting. A solid border in between might do the trick!

  5. I like the peel border. A bit of a stop border before it would be good. You could just make it on two corners and about half way on each side. It does add to the quilt. Hope that helps.

  6. Red binding?

    And I have to agree that the peel border is just a bit distracting ... I like it, but I have to also agree that perhaps a thin narrow border to separate might help ... but that opens a new can of worms of getting the peel border to fit after the insertion of the narrow border. :-(

  7. I vote for red :)
    Hmmm... those peel blocks are not playing nice eh?
    Maybe a multicolour stripe stop border would help? Or maybe that would make it worse?!?

  8. for Starlight I like the blue and yellow, maybe yellow most as it appeals to me these days.
    I would add the peel just like it is. Adds interest and not too busy.