Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day

I got a few stitches in today to finish up the yellow dots on this appliqué block. Time to move onto the last appliqué block for this Century Quilt. I picked up two of the December appliqué pattern for some reason so I think I will make one for the quilt and one for a pillow to go with the quilt....

The kids and I spent a bit of time in the pool this afternoon. Lots of games were played (Sorry, Zingo, Trouble) and a few of the kid puzzles were put together. A nice visit with Grandpa A and Grandma H with a mid afternoon BBQ was enjoyed by all. Now to get the kids cleaned up and into bed early so they are all set for school tomorrow. I think there is one more s'more from the grill this afternoon that needs to be devoured. I can't let that go to waste now can I?
I think I will hand stitch that last row of flowers onto the spring quilt tonight and maybe start the border. I guess I need to prep some hand work tomorrow after my walk and before I dig into the new quilt I am starting. Oops, need to get a Tiny Tuesday block done too. I see a good chunk of my kid free time tomorrow in the sewing room! Pure Heaven.


  1. Beautiful block! Sounds like your day was much like mine. Video game replace board games, but other than that.....

  2. That bit of yellow really finished your block off. Too cute! Great idea for your extra block. Still working on mine but have made progress. Hopefully there will be a finish soon!

  3. That applique block turned out awesome! I'm so happy you are planning a lot of sewing time today ... enjoy!