Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This is what is happening in the sewing room. Lots of chain sewing on the Starlight Wishes quilt. I started marking my sewing line on the squares this morning in my sewing room and noticed I was hunched over..... I piled all 156... well 136 since I had done 20.... onto my small cutting mat and moved to the island in the kitchen. Perfect height for me to draw those lines on. I also move out there for lots of cutting although I completely forgot about it yesterday when I was cutting all the squares and rectangles out for this quilt. I lined them up 20 at a time  to draw the line and they went so quickly that way. I must remember this for the future.
As you can see - I went with a black background since I had a bunch in my stash left over from Jillian's Graduation Kaleidoscope quilt from a couple of years ago. I also pulled some brights - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple for the stars. After sewing that first line, I went back and sewed a second line using the original sewn line as a guide for a whole bunch of bonus half square triangles (hst's Mom). I've been thinking of a plan for them as I was sewing..... =)

The boy was all stuffed up last night so the humidifier was in use with vicks on his chest and some children's allergy meds. Greg mentioned he is stuffed up and has a sore throat last night. Both were outside Monday (one did the lawn and the other was in the pool right after the lawn was mowed.) Not sure if it is allergies or a cold.....and lucky me .... I am feeling stuffed up now too with a sore throat. Must be a cold. Don't you love when germs are shared? Oh well, I'll try and take it easy and hopefully this will pass quickly. Time to head out and run some errands - trash and recycle, hair cut and I need to pick up a few things at the store. I think the rest of the leftovers from Monday will be turned into a beef and veggie soup for my lunch. A great way to clear out the fridge.

Hopefully I'll have a bit of time before the kid pick up to cut all those bonus triangles off and press everything. One more side of unit 1 to go and then I can start laying it out. This is going together so easily - did I mention I love Joanne's patterns? So easy to read and understand. Oh - must remember to pin the last four stems onto the appliqué for car line. Those curved ones are all sewn down already.
Is it just me or things move much more quickly when the end is in sight?


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Your really getting a lot done. Yes being hunched over is not a good thing, I catch myself doing that way to much. Looking forward to what all this sewing will produce.

Ellen said...

I love chain piecing!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Good job on altering your working station so you're not all hunched over. You're so productive!