Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tiny Tuesday....

It has been a great day in the sewing room so far. Yes Mom, I took my 45 minute walk this morning first =).
First I made my Tuesday block from The Civil War Diary Book. This is called 'A consoling Thought'. It is 6 inches finished.

Next, I prepped the last appliqué block for The Century Quilt. This is the December block. It has been outlined onto the background with a marking pencil and the stems are made. I put four down so I can start this today in the car line. Hopefully I can do the other four stems tomorrow and then leaves and buds....

Now it is time to reread through my Starlight Wishes Pattern and make a decision on my colors. Better find a coin to toss as I think this would look great in either of my color choices. I can't wait to try those prairie points! A first for me. Thanks so much Joanne for letting me test it.


  1. Just Perfect fabrics for your mini quilt--I LOVE it--patriotic quilts and blocks seem to be "in" right now! I really really want to make an Eagle block...once my hand is better! Hugs, Julierose

  2. I'm curious what color choices you're choosing from for the Starlight Wishes quilt ... I cannot wait to see your progress on it.