Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tiny Tuesday.....

After dropping the kids off to school and my walk this morning I got to sew. Yesterday - no sewing except some hand work in the pick up line. I had to go into work to open for a little bit and then ran errands while I was near all the stores in The Villages. By the time I got home it was kid pick up time. Last night was the first Cub Scouts meeting. I think all us parents of Tigers (1st grade) were completely overwhelmed but it looks like a fun group and I think Aidan will really like it. Emily found a friend from her class there too so they hung out together. I'm trying to get her into girl scouts as a Daisy - there is a troop that meets at the same church but it is not listed in my available troops so I'm looking into that. If it does work - then we'll adjust schedules at work so Greg can be with Aidan and I'll be with Emmy at their scout meetings. At that age each needs a parent present for the meetings.

Ok - my Tiny Tuesday block is called People and Peaches. A very strange name and don't look too closely at the cut off points. Those were tiny pieces and I calculated wrong. It turned out the correct size so it's staying. Sorry for the terrible picture - my sinuses are killing me and I am too lazy right now to go take another shot of the block.


  1. Great little block, don't feel bad about your miscalculation, your in good company!

  2. See, the cut off bits are consistent so I just assumed that was the design. You shouldn't have said anything :) I'm sure your kids will love Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. I have one of each and despite the numbers dwindling as the kids get older, both of my teens seem happy to stick with it. I think it's the camping components that keep my two's attention.

  3. Great little blocks. Hope you get better, I also have had some sinus trouble.

  4. Love that little block. Since triangle points are the bane of my quilting existence, I won't give you any grief about them. ;-) And since you were consistent, I thought it was part of the design. ;-)


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