Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Snowflake and Tiny Tuesday...

I finally got to sew my snowflake this morning. I chose the third setting from the first snowflake pattern. I was ok until I started adding the side triangles...... once my mind cleared I got them sewn on correctly (after putting them on wrong... twice!).

I plan on making a little runner with this in the middle and two from the second snowflake pattern - one on each side.  Head on over to the snowflake link party and see the other flurries out there.

I got a Tiny Tuesday block done from The Civil War Love Letter book today. This is called Lonesome Place.


  1. Your snowflake looks great! Thanks for linking up too ... now I know I set the linky up properly! You're doing well with your Civil War block-a-day goal.

  2. Lovely snowflake, if--is it paper pieced? --I sent for a metal 1/4" footsie for my Helga today that I found online that should fit! I am excited/hoping to do more precise piecing when that little gal gets here! Your little civil war block along is really coming nicely. I am going to have to try to work a little on each of my projects instead of doing one to the end and then starting all over with a new one. Hugs, Julierose

  3. Love your snowflake! I have both of the first 2 patterns but I'm not home to sew. I think you are telling me to be sure I'm fully awake when I make them - right!?!?! Isn't it awful to do something wrong the second time - ugh! ~Jeanne

  4. Your snowflake turned out cute. I am glad you got the issues worked out.

  5. Sewing something wrong twice ... been there done that. Ugh! It had to be especially frustrating with paper piecing (how did your papers hold up to ripping out twice?). But the end result is gorgeous! Well done!


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