Sunday, October 26, 2014

October wrap up of goals

Last month I had a lot of things on my list. Some got done and some will try again for November.

1.) Quilting on the maple leaf quilt is in progress. I got a bunch done...but ran into thread issues when I switched to the black for the FMQ of the black parts in the middle. Hopefully I can finish this off before the end of the month on Friday. I made a nice green binding to finish this one off and hope to hand quilt some maple leafs in the third border in various colors. I plan to use the maple leaves my Mom sent down for the kids as a template!

2.) Snails Trail quilt - no progress. Moved to November.

3.) RSC Challenge - I got my hexagons done in brown, a 16 patch in brown and black and 12 churn dash blocks in brown. I hope to make 12 black ones this week to add to the mix. I also made a bunch of RSC Sampler blocks with the challenge and wrote a couple of tutorials.

4.) Tiny Tuesday  - one a day. I was doing good of one a day until Thursday of last week. I have added a lot of blocks this month to the pile and hopefully will catch up again next week so I will have made 31 block in October. It looks like I have 54 blocks completed..... I was thinking there were a few more made .... have to go looking for them.
Buddy just had to be in the picture!

5.) Celtic Solstice - great progress here. I finished step 3 and 5 and put 24 of the blocks together. I have 25 blocks to go now that I have all the units made. I can't wait to see this one come together into a top next month.

6.) The Century Quilt..... is almost done. I have the final 4.5 inch dark blue border to put on the quilt. Hopefully that will get done sometime this week. Completed 10/28 into a top!

7.) Hugs and Kisses Quilt - is a top and I hope to get this rolled onto the boards and pinned for hand quilting later this afternoon.

8.) Two pillowcases were made as gifts for Em's little friends for their birthday parties this month. No pictures of these.

9.) Steam cleaning the carpets were slated for this coming week... but I'm not sure how that will work with a dog visiting. It might get done..... if not I'll plan to do it next week.... just not on my birthday on Tuesday the 4th!

10.) Walking - Absolutely no walking other than all day at Disney on Friday with the kids! I will start this back up this week with the dog and continue doing this in the morning after I drop the kids to school. The foot is all healed and I think the two colds everyone has had this month are finally over. A couple of pictures from Friday - Emily, Grandma H and Aidan riding the raft back from Tom Sawyers Island. Emily with Tinkerbell. She really wanted Ariel but that fast pass was all booked so I got her in with Tinkerbell. I'll plan farther ahead next time and see if we can see Ariel for her. Aidan got the Tomorrow land track driving the cars for his fast pass and we also did Thunder Mountain - a roller coaster for Grandma!

11.) I made a snowflake from a free pattern from Joanne over at She is having a snow along right now - I think the last week is tomorrow to get two free paper pieced snowflake patterns. I hope to make a couple more so I can have a little runner for the table in January. They would make a great little quilt for the wall as well.

12.) Half of the driveway has been power washed. It is amazing how much black gunk grows on the concrete down here! I also did the two walkway's to the doors of the house. I hope to get the rest of the driveway done in the afternoon/evenings while the kids ride their scooters this week after school.

Em had a hearing test this month and her hearing is just fine. That will let us concentrate on her apraxia of speech and a meeting this week at school will up her speech to 4 days a week. Aidan's allergies are under control now with his medicine. Now if they would stop getting colds every other week!
We have a busy week ahead - school of course this week. Boy scouts has a party tomorrow night which I need to bake some sugar cookies off for prizes. Pumpkins, ghosts and witches hat I think will be the shapes. Emily will have a trick or treat and then hit Aidan's boy scout party on Monday. I get to work that morning morning so they can deliver a spa so all baking must get done today. Thursday is their Trick or Treat at school in the evening and then they can wear their costumes to school on Friday. Somewhere in there I am sure we will have a funeral to head to in Melbourne this week as well although with everything going on I think Greg will just head over at this point.

My goals for November...... hopefully some will get completed by the end of the week in October but if not we'll shoot for the end of November!

1. Finish the Maple Leaf quit quilting and get the binding on.
2. Finish Celtic Solstice into a top... and maybe get it quilted before the next mystery starts on Black Friday?
3. Finish The Century Quilt into a top. DONE! 10/28.
4. Machine quilt the Snails Trail quilt.
5. Continue the RSC Challenge for the monthly color of November.
6. Tiny Tuesday blocks one a week from The Civil War Diary Book.
7. Begin hand quilting the Hugs and Kisses Quilt. This will be a long term Project!
8. Prep and appliqué the extra block from The Century Quilt to make a pillow
9. Get back to walking every weekday morning.
10. Steam clean the carpets.
11. Try and tackle the sewing room so there are not quite so many piles hanging around everywhere! I'd show a picture but...... it is pretty bad in there!

I'm linking up with Kathi over at KC Designs for her monthly task list party. Head on over and check out the progress that was made this month. It's not too late to make a quick post and link up for a goal to accomplish in November.
Now to go pull the sugar cookie dough out of the fridge and make some pumpkins, hats and ghosts. The recipe can be found on my recipe page - it makes great cut out cookies that are thick and moist and oh so yummy! I make a half batch and it makes plenty of cookies. I've already taste tested the raw batter =).


scraphappy said...

I'm tired just reading about all you got done this month! Great progress on so many projects.

Quilter Kathy said...

Me too... I'm tired reading your list! I'm the kind of person who can only think of one thing at a time!

Design Originals by KC said...

Deb, Wow what a post... and so much beautiful eye candy to look at in this post... setting monthly goals is certainly working for you girl! You got in all that fun quilty stuff and time with the family to build memories too! Great family shots btw :) Are you doing Celtic Soltice scrappy or each just 1 color... I am loving how it is looking... I have the directions saved... hmmm. Hope you are hand quilting Hugs & Kisses while reading this... what a fun quilt that will be to do by hand :) Love that cute snowflake block too... is that paper pieced? You chose perfect background fabric if you did as you can't tell! Congrats on the pressure washing and getting so much done... you def seem to have a busy week and month ahead.. happy stitching! Kathi

Jeanne said...

So much great progress! Buddy covers a good deal of territory on the quilt! LOL Love all of the projects you have shown.