Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Well, my daughter has learned to share! She has kindly passed her germs onto me and her brother. He is home with a little fever today and sore throat.

Today's block is called 'Another Prison'.

Step 3 of the Celtic Solstice Mystery is also done. 100 yellow and orange half square triangles in the bucket and 25 pinwheel blocks. Onto step 5... which will use those 100 half square triangles.

This banana bread just came out of the oven. I had three banana's starting to sprout fruit flies so it was time to make them into something. I forgot to stir in the chocolate chips so they just got scattered on top this time. Now I suppose I should finish month end so I can mail it out today.


  1. Another cute block! I am struggling with a bad cold as well...ugh.

  2. Way to go on Celtic Solstice! The pinwheels are adorable!

  3. I suppose it wouldn't do to tell your kids that sharing is overrated! I'm starting to look forward to your Celtic Solstice. All the pieces are so pretty. Your banana bread looks more appealing than the aging bananas on my kitchen counter. Time to break out the mixing bowls!

  4. Love the 'Another Prison' block. Any idea how some of these block get their names? Some are rather amusing! Sure hope you all feel better soon. ~Jeanne

  5. Wow ... I love the Another Prison block. And your fabric choices - yum!

    And yum on the banana bread. I just finished breakfast, but seeing your banana bread got my mouth to watering. ha!

    That kind of sharing is a lesson you'd rather not have your little ones learn, right? Hope you all get over that soon.