Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tiny Tuesday

Bird on a tree. I've been working on this a little bit here and there all week. I got the last three leaves done today while Emily is home with me. She is all congested and a little warm. If she didn't cry at the drop of a hat this morning multiple times I would have sent her to school. Instead some resting on the couch was in order today. I used embroidery floss for the eye and the beak. I used back basting for all the appliqué and it worked great. I have a feeling I will be using that for a lot of these blocks this year.

I also finished the Goodnight Irene top. It measures 48x64. I decided to take an outside shot since it blended in with the carpet color. In hindsight I wish I had used my 2 yards of grey for the background with the blue but I did use up a lot of scraps from the bucket to make this . I think I have a dark blue fabric big enough for the backing of this. Might need to add a stip of something for the side but I should have something to make a small backing for this. Any thoughts on quilting? I am thinking a little meander with some loops but have not decided yet.


  1. Your tiny bird block is really cute. You got me thinking about what I will do for the eyes on my birds block in Baltimore Garden.

  2. That is a cite little birdie! Goodnight Irene is such a lovely quilt.

  3. I like the tan fabric with the blues ... I don't know what your gray looks like, but blue and gray often read similarly so I would have been worried that the 16 patches and the crosses would have blended together. Your bird block is so cute ... reminds me that I need to try that method of applique.

  4. I love your cut bird block.. turned out GREAT! Hope your dd is feeling better today. I love the colors you chose in all it's scrappiness :) I love that finished flimsy and will love to see how you quilt it! Kathi


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