Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A little progress....

Ok Joanne, I didn't listen and I am paying now! I twisted wrong right off yesterday morning reaching down to put some fabric up and felt my back. Continued on all morning and made friends with the heating pad in the afternoon. Felt better this morning so I moved the bookcase. In hindsight - not the smartest thing I should have done. Oh well, I'll wait for Greg to get home tonight and move the rest of the big things around for me. I really felt my back getting into the car to head into work for a couple of hours this morning..... I'll find the heating pad again this afternoon and take it easy again. I really want to get my room all set but I'll be smarter and wait this time. The bottom shelf of fabric is going to move up 3 slats and that big white shelf will replace where that was to hold my computer and little baskets of things. I am making progress and I'm very happy with this slat wall. Think I can get him to put two more up on the right wall? Hehehehe.

I got home from work and sat on the couch to eat lunch and find out some info from one friend to help out another concerning speech for a 2 year old.  I looked up and the Sophie (white one) was beside me wanting petting and then I saw a black tail and realized Maxie was asleep above my shoulder on the couch! My two trusty companions.

Yikes 1:50 must go get the kiddo's.

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Created by Kathi said...

Yes craft and sewing shelving is coming right along... hope you are taking it easy and reading this on your heating pad though! Take care :) Kathi