Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Clue #2 of the crochet mystery.

Ok, I looked at part of the video yesterday but decided I had to try one of these before my walk this morning (and hopefully it gets into the higher 40's before I head out to walk!). Without the video tutorial I would have been hopelessly lost! With the video - it was actually pretty easy. I need to review the stitches and made sure I am doing my single crochet and half double crochet correctly but I learned how to do a single front post crochet.... which I know I have seen in some patterns that I have been wanting to try. I was thinking I would use the cream all of yesterday but this morning I laid the yarns out over the first clue and the light blue got grabbed for this clue.

My first X. 19 more to go!

It was a lovely relaxing day yesterday watching a few episodes of Downtown Abbey and finishing the last side of binding on my 2014 RSC Sampler and the Goodnight Irene quilt. They both need a spin in the washer and dryer and then maybe some pictures of the finished quilts will appear later this week. I'm off to walk and then clean in Emily's old room.... and maybe my sewing table might be put up in there so I can sew a bit today! Being in limbo with rooms is not fun. Having the area cleaned will let Greg move in there on Saturday... the the kids stuff goes into his old space and then..... I get to  figure out my space. I think someone will be doing some shelf building for me this weekend so I am all set to put things away starting on Monday. I can't wait.

Stay warm wherever you are.


Created by Kathi said...

We have possible freeze warnings here for tonite.. so I am imagining you may too !!! Love the "x" on your granny square.. that is looking terrific :) Stay warm too! Kathi

Andee said...

Enjoying seeing you and Amy do this!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I'll bet you cannot wait. Hope you get in a little sewing today.