Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tiny Tuesday....

I did not make my appliqué block this week so I'll show my 20 granny squares for clue one of the mystery crochet along.

I finished the last two and all the tails this morning in time for clue #2 to come out here. The video to the next clue is here. It looks like we add an X on top of this using one of the contrast yarns. Time to make some decisions.....

I should be back to the normal Tiny Tuesday blocks next week and I'll make the missed one up sometime this year.

Now to try and organize my crafting and sewing things a bit so I'll be all set to set up my new area by the end of next week after we swap a few more rooms around. It seems someone wants Emily's old room for his office so a little more time before I am all settled in. Time to get out the pencil and paper and figure out some storage space.


  1. Uh oh! More swapping? Is there a room somewhere for you, after all the swapping is done?

    I love your little crochet blocks and can't wait to see what color you choose for step 2.

  2. That's a lot of swapping! I hope you get a nice space to settle into by the end! That X over the granny square looks intriguing.

  3. Sounds like musical chairs at your house! Your mystery blocks are stil mysterious, i will be waiting patiently for what will happen. My focus is applique, not stopping till this top is done!!!!!!!

  4. Love watching your progress on your knitting... hope Emily loves her "new" space now that she is settling in.. I don't know how your home is laid out but I actually share my sewing space with my honey's office area. He has half the room and I have half... some of my stored items have found their way to his side of the room but we really enjoy that.. we use a formal dining room and added bifold doors for when concentration is needed with the TV and living room just outside this space.. good luck with your situation finding a way he gets an office and you get a sewing area too! Kathi