Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday, Monday....

After over 5 hours clearing out the sewing room and closet, then cleaning the area and then moving little Miss Em into her new room, I was a wee bit tired. Notice there is no before picture =)
Cleared out room and she started moving in before I was done!

From the doorway

I already miss my closet and those shelves!
Since they had the day off school today for Presidents Day, I took them to Disney Hollywood Studios. After a late start I had to reschedule our fast passes but we got to see all three. The Little Mermaid Voyage, Beauty and the Beast and Disney Jr. Live. We also did a little of the imagination and met Sorcerer Mickey and then the Walt Disney Tribute and a movie on his life. Not bad for getting there after 10 to the parking lot and leaving at 4 with two children. I think the line for the food took the longest.

2/16/15 Aidan and Emily with Mickey

Deb, Aidan and Emily with Mickey


scraphappy said...

Looks like a great day off school. Congrats to Em on her new room. What fun!

Angie said...

Miss Em's room looks like fun! And what a great way to spend Presidents' Day!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Hopefully you can install some shelves in your new sewing room's closet? Sounds like you had a very productive day.

Created by Kathi said...

Love the fun time looks like you all had at Disney! You must have season passes :) So where did your sewing room move too? Bet Emily feels special that you gave up a great room for her to have her own space though! Kathi