Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#36 - 4-H Club

#36 is called 4-H Club. There were a bunch of extra lines in the paper piecing on this one to help line up the block.I decided to eliminate them and think it came out pretty good. Still on track with doing one a week this year at 4 months in.

I doubt I'll be in the sewing room much this week. I've been sick in bed for the last two days and am finally able to sit up today. Thank goodness for my Mother in law who came and took the kids to her house Monday afternoon and kept them overnight and returned them last night after dinner and baths... in time for bed and after Daddy got home from work. The goal today is to do a little laundry and try not to overdo anything while keeping an eye on the kids. Wish me luck.


Moneik said...

Very cute block! I was in 4-H so this is one of my favorites.

Cyn said...

OMGoodness, sorry to hear you have been ill. Am wishing you a speedy recovery -- it is way too hard to sew while in bed! lol.
Wonderful block.

scraphappy said...

Sorry you have been under the weather. It is hard to call in sick when you are a mom. Glad you found a bit of extra help.
Lovely block! I am not sure why I like this one so much, but it is just SO super cute that I can't help but smile.

Ellen said...

I agree - cute block! Hopefully, you are well on the way to feeling much better.