Monday, April 23, 2012

Sow along 7-10

I was able to get the next four done for the Sow along over at Randy's blog.
They are churn dash, broken dishes,  a basket and friendship star. That brings me to ten blocks completed out of 24. Baby steps....

Today was also our HIPPY day. Ms. P comes over on Mondays and works with me on the HIPPY lessons for the week for each of the kids. They love doing it so far and this is our second week of lessons. Last week I had to cancel since I had the flu. We got little shapes - 4 colors for each shape - circle, square, triangle, rectangle and stars. Since they needed something to be held in.... Mommy had to whip up a couple of little bags for them. One for each child's shapes. Aidan chose the bumblebee fabric so I guess Emily will get the trains. I just measured a 6x10 piece of fabric. Created a channel at the top where I put a piece of yarn through at the end using a safety pin. Then sewed the sides together and got these little bags.

Did anyone else notice that the editor changed suddenly on Saturday. I can't say I like the new one but I can figure it out. It would have been nice to have been informed of the forced change. Ok, my complaining is done. Better get working on stitching down the inner circle for my Midget block for tomorrow. Have a great day!


scraphappy said...

Great progress on the Sew Along.

Ellen said...

Your blocks look great! I am really enjoying participating in the sow-a-long.