Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I'm working on...

I got a few minutes in the sewing room Wednesday and put together a butterfly block that I'll show next Tuesday for the Midget progress.
Then.....while the munchkins were napping I decided to piece the pink 2.5 inch strips together to make the binding for the pink scrappy quilt. That is all measured, ironed and rolled so it will be ready to sew on once that one gets quilted. I did three strips how I normally do them... just match seams and sew along the line... and then had a thought. With all the scrappy pieces I'd better try the triangle method so the bulk is spread across the length rather than my 'normal' way. I hope that it will make the hand sewing less bulky on this one. Time will tell. The backing is pressed and cut but just needs to be sewn together. I hope to do that Friday so that when I pin the graduation quilt so I can pin this one too.

I also got a few minutes yesterday and was able to wash, press and sew the backing fabric for the graduation quilt. I picked a bright dot print on a black background. The top and bottom are rolled onto the boards so that I can pin the Starburst quilt once I cut the batting and get about 30 minutes of free time. I hope to get this one pinned and quilted this weekend.

I also cut some extra batting and just need to piece it together so that I can prep the two little squares for hand quilting. These are February and March from the Quilt Square Quilt along.

What are you working on?

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Ellen said...

You have been busy - you are getting so close to a couple of finishes - now that is exciting!!