Friday, July 20, 2012

Wrapping up the week

It has been an eventful one around here.
Monday - I had an audit at work. As I do the bookkeeping I was tagged to prep for it last weekend and had it all ready for the  corporate auditor... who happened to have been raised in Rutland, VT! It's a small world. It went very smooth and he was in and out in 3.5 hours. I do believe he had planned to spend the night but was able to go home that afternoon.
Tuesday - Very cranky kids and a gully washer of thunderstorms and rain right at nap time. Keeping an already tired boy entertained while I was also sleep deprived was not fun. I am so sick of the insomnia!
Wednesday - lots of errands and appointments - drop kids to Grandma, go to my doctor, get a long overdue hair cut, grab a quick lunch and then search the house for the cat carriers and capture said cats to bring to the vet for annual checkup. Home for a little sewing and then back in the car to pick up Emily - Aidan spent the night with Grandma. Got home and was eating dinner when we watched an out of control car back into our neighbors and our mailbox. Got to call the sheriff and deal with that for the next hour..... he even tried to fingerprint the mail box! He got there in under 4 minutes and was very nice. Finally slept through the whole night for the first time in ages!
Thursday - Girls day with Em - bowling and lunch out and then house cleaning and some sewing before tackling bills and the mail. Yes, that was my order!
Friday - Early dentist appointments for the kiddo's who did great and got a perfect report from the dentist. A quick stop at the farm stand for cukes to make quick pickles for lunch and Aidan decided he wanted cabbage. So it is a boiled dinner for us tonight - I wonder if he will really eat it or not.....
At least both kids settled down for naps and I got to start sewing some letters from Tonya R's book! Yippee. I'll post some shots of that tomorrow. Sorry for the no photo post.

On another note - an employee is about to become a grandmother (I found out her daughter was in labor yesterday and still was today, poor thing.). With not much notice I decided to make a baby quilt using the pattern from Quilters Cache called Baby Bunting. I think I will pull fabrics tonight and make a block or two.
See you tomorrow for the rainbow scrap challenge.


Joanne said...

I got tired just reading about your week. I was in a very hot Cleveland this week to visit my brother and see how he is doing. Sadly not well but at least my sister and I went for a visit and I gave him the quilt I made for him. Joanne

scraphappy said...

Cute quilt pattern. Baby quli are so quick and fun to make. Enjoy your sewing time, after the week you've been through you deserve a liitle down time. Hope the letters turn out cute, they are so fun to sew.

Ellen said...

I have to take a rest now - you have had a busy week!