Friday, April 12, 2013

Have you met Buddy and Strawberry?

This was originally going to be a 'Have you met Buddy' post but someone got a cow she named Strawberry for her birthday and it seems to have taken Buddy the dog's place. She now brings the cow everywhere with her. Yes, picture a cow in her dance shoe bag who is taken out and put on the table in the class to 'watch'. The first week Strawberry went the instructor actually asked where Buddy was!

I had these leftover HST's from making the Baby Bunting quilt. I put them into pinwheels and then decided to make a little quilt for Emmy's doggie. It will now go to Strawberry the cow as Buddy is using some Christmas place mats for his bed and covering while he sleeps on a pillow next to her.

I had marked some stars for hand quilting about a month or two ago and since I am out of hand quilting projects in my bag right now this came out of the sewing room. I got this done in two nights and love how it came out. I popped on the binding this morning and will hand stitch it down Thursday night.

I sure do hope Strawberry (and Buddy) likes it.


Angie said...

Very cute - I hope Buddy & Strawberry love it to pieces!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Buddy and Strawberry are cute! And the new little quilt is adorable. Emmy is a very lucky little girl - she has a wonderful Mom! ~Jeanne

Ellen said...

Really cute - I miss having young children!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What a lovely little dog ... er cow ... quilt. ;-) My grands are very devoted to their "stuffies" ... and they don't show many signs of outgrowing that. In fact, my 8 y.o. granddaughter (who'll be 9 next month) left behind her precious little dog stuffie (known as Ploppers). We will make a special trip to their house to return him.