Sunday, April 7, 2013

Slow Stitching Sunday....

Another week has passed and today is a great day to slow down and enjoy some peaceful hand stitching. We are also celebrating a birthday today - Emily turns four years old today.
I've been working a bit this week on my Lori Smith 12 inch block that I am hand quilting. I just have to finish the last border treatment. I think I am going to echo the 1/4 inch quilting around the inner border another time or two and then call this one done.

If I have time I need to finish prepping my midget block for this week. Those curves scare me but Ellen did hers last week so I am jumping in and getting it done. Hopefully it comes out ok.

Instead of sewing on Friday afternoon I was working on costumes for a dance recital. Lots of glue and time for it to set and all those ribbons are firmly attached to the bigger ribbon. They should stay put as they are pinned around the bottom of some little girl's pink crop pants for a 70's dance number. I can't wait to see this later this month.

Head on over to Kathy Quilts and see what other hand work is happening on this slow down Sunday. I'll leave you with this sky picture I took a few weeks ago on my way into work. It makes me think of hand quilting with the pattern and color changes in the sky.


  1. Enjoy your handwork on Sunday. Those curves were terrifying for me too. Good luck.

  2. I think I just might get some hand quilting going today too.

    You can do those curved pieces - just go slow and take lots of breaks if they get too stressful.

    Happy bday to your daughter!

  3. Great projects! And I absolutely LOVE the quilt in your blog header. Stunning!!

  4. A gorgeous hand quilted sky!
    ENjoy your slow stitching and thanks for linking up!

  5. Oh, I like your block. Curves are easier to hand stitch than they are machine stitch. You'll do fine with it. Relax and enjoy it. Happy birthday to your little one. I loved the sky picture, thanks for sharing.

  6. Happy birthday Emily - I love seeing her when you have your quilts spread out - she looks like she's guarding them :-) xx

  7. 4 is such a fun age!

    I just love that sky picture ... you're right, it's like a big puffy quilt.

    I'm with Linda ... I would think that curves would be easier to hand piece than machine piece. Although those look to be fairly gentle curves and might be machine-piecable??

  8. Lovely hand quilting. The curves would scare me too, but they say the hand piecing makes it more forgiving! Good luck and happy birthday to Emily.:)

  9. Lovely hand quilting and happy birthday to the little one!

    That sky shot is phenomenal!