Sunday, July 21, 2013

An old project....

This is what lives permanently in my luggage.

I purchased this leaflet 2529 - Paula Vaughan's Quilts For All Seasons a very long time ago. It has a very pretty quilt inspired cross stitch design for each month of the year. It was surprising when I opened the front and saw that I had put my initials and year next to the two I had completed. I made the August pattern and completed it in 6 months back in 1998. It is framed and hanging in my sewing room.

I then made the September pattern and completed it in 1999. It was framed so my Grandfather could have it in his room in the nursing home. I got it back after he passed and it now hangs in my hallway as I exit my sewing room.

 This is where the month of January is. Some day it will get finished and look like this but for now it is my traveling project.

I might just pull out some floss and put a few stitches in it tonight as I am cuddling under a quilt. It is finally a bit cooler out at camp and I am looking forward to a fire in the fireplace and maybe a 'smore or two (if I didn't eat all the Hershey's bars I bought a couple of weeks ago).
Head on over to Kathy's Quilts and see what other hand work projects are being worked on slowly


  1. These are gorgeous stitchery each one!
    Enjoy your stitches!

  2. I have a collection of those patterns and have never made one. I think it is time to pick one and try it out.

  3. What a lovely collection of patterns. I can't imagine doing one each month.

  4. Those are gorgeous pieces! Before I fell back in love with quilting, I did counted cross stitch - a lot of it, too. I've debated taking it back up for something portable, but I haven't gone beyond thinking about it.

  5. These are really cute! Many years ago I did counted cross stitch - and I loved it. It is so portable - it went everywhere with me. Enjoy your evening! ~Jeanne

  6. Oh! Cross stitch! Why are there so many crafting goodies out there, but no where NEAR enough time in the day to do it all?!?!?
    Those are lovely! Good luck on your few stitches here-n-there :)

    Now, show us the baby shell afghan too :)

  7. WOW beautiful!!! I have that book too LOL* But I never even started any of the cross stich! :)

  8. Aren't those pretty patterns! I could get sidetracked by them very easily... Happy Stitching by the fire! It's a bit too hot to be thinking about that right now here in Iowa.