Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday finishes....

While on the plane I got to knit a little last week and got this dish cloth completed. I guess my kids are used to me since my son asked me when I was going to sew on the plane! I decided to knit instead.

It has been a little cooler here at camp so I finally got the binding turned and completed on the Bricks and Stepping stones quilt. This will stay up here and live on my nephew's Charlie's bed. The pattern is free over at This is my favorite spot out at camp. I was sitting here when I snapped the picture of the rainbow.

The picture in the header was snapped on Wednesday evening while on a kayak ride with Emmy. No rain where we were but we got to enjoy the beautiful rainbow that the rain and sun create. We convinced Mom to go see a Dr. for her stuffy head and plugged ear that has been happening for a week now. We'll head home to the Barre area and maybe check out my brothers new adventure. He is creating a Disk course. I've never heard of them but I guess it is like a nature walk where you have holes like golf and bring a frisbee. You try and get the disk into the basket on each hole. He is creating it in the Barre Forest and it has been keeping him busy the last few months clearing and creating the holes. We'll also show the kids the granite quarries in Graniteville and maybe visit the Rock of Ages visitor center where my Dad helps out giving tours in the fall.

We had a little bit of a scare last night. The kids were checking out the tree fort in the woods while I was making dinner and all of a sudden they were both crying and carrying on. I went running. Aidan was on the ground in pain and Emmy was crying and holding her knee. I tended to him a bit and then gave Emmy a hug and told her she was fine to get her to stop crying (Sympathy crying I believe) and figured out that Aidan slipped and twisted his knee and it hurt. After I carried him back to the camp and got him calmed down a little it was inspection time. He seems better this morning but is favoring it a bit. He was bending down on his knees last night and crawling around so I think it is fine but it probably does hurt a bit. I'll keep an eye on him today. I'm thinking the Ben and Jerry's tour might be delayed at bit since there is walking and stairs involved. Bummer. Will have to contend ourselves with the 5 or 6 pints in the freezer from my nieces. They get 3 free pints a day each day they work. So nice of them to share =).


  1. Absolutely love your new header picture! It makes me want to be at the lake! You are getting lots done! Hope Aiden is ok. Have more fun! ~Jeanne

  2. Hope Aidan is ok and that you're going to get to tour Ben and Jerry's. I might come out of retirement to work at Ben and Jerry's ... 3 pints of ice cream each day I work ... wonderful. ;-)

  3. It sounds like you are having a lovely time away from home. So many sights that are SO different from what you have gotten used to seeing in Florida. Hope Aiden's knee is better soon -- kids are pretty resilient most of the time.

  4. Love the new header! The Bricks & Stepping Stones quilt looks perfect for the camp! I totally miss the porch swing I had when I lived in Florida. Spent many wonderful hours just a-swingin'!

  5. Pretty dishcloth! Don't you just love to knit with that yarn : )
    Love the quilt, too.

  6. Adorable quilt. Great dishcloth.

  7. a Ben and Jerry's tour~!
    THREE pints a day~!!
    where can i get an application for employment~!?