Friday, July 19, 2013

On the needles.....

Well, after watching the boy limp along each day (especially in the evenings) after his knee twist last week (and again on Saturday and again on Tuesday) I took him to the ER here. I am not looking forward to the bill when it comes but the X-ray showed no break and the knee looks fine. He just sprained it.... which will probably take longer to heal. You can tell by the end of the day it is hurting since he starts limping lots more as the day goes on. They also checked out his hip and that seems fine. Hopefully it gets better in a couple of weeks with the ibuprofen and attempting to rest it a bit. Good luck keeping a 5 year old off it. I'll try and keep him to walking only (no scooter, no running and no jumping!) and try and limit that. I guess that means no hiking up Moss Glenn Falls this visit to Vermont.
I was thinking ahead and grabbed my Sugar and Cream yarn and my trusty bamboo knitting needles. You can tell I was there for a while (10:38-1:40!) because I almost got the whole dish cloth done in the time I was there.

They had a DVD player and he chose Bob the Builder 
While driving home with Emmy on Monday from a dinner with the girls in Williston I got to see this beautiful sunset over the mountains on the way back to camp. I do love the Elmore Mountain Road with all the beautiful green mountains. I was a couple minutes too late but still..... a pretty sight to see.


  1. I hope the little guy heals fast! Know it is hard to keep a 5 year old quiet. Glad you took your knitting along to the ER. Good Luck! ~Jeanne

  2. Ah! I see someone besides me did a lot of knitting in a hospital ER! So glad his knee is not badly injured :*)

  3. Don't you just love that pretty yarn! Makes the prettiest dishcloths. I get a lot of knitting done waiting, too.
    I hope Mr. Man heals up fast.

  4. I am glad it was nothing too serious and that you got to do some knitting while waiting. I can't tell you how many times I have taken my youngest son, as a child, to the ER for xrays because of hurting his ankle. Somehow he would always fall down the stairs and then be unable to put any weight on his foot. Boys...what can I say!

  5. Hopefully knowing that there isn't anything seriously wrong will help everyone feel better. Lovely yarn you are using for your dishcloth. I'm working on the same pattern right now and it is so nice to have a little carry along project.