Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday catch up.

I finally got into the sewing room last night after unpacking, dusting, cleaning bathrooms and cleaning the fridge while it was fairly empty and then going shopping to restock everything. The kids were busy playing with toys they had not seen in three weeks. They also spent some time splashing in the pool with Daddy (lots of jumping in by Aidan and swimming by Emmy) and testing out the dive sticks Grandma sent over.

I got two of the Grandmother's Choice blocks done. Just one more to go and I'll be all caught up. These are week number 45 and 46 - Aunt Mary's Favorite and Barristers block. I just need to print out week 47 - Heroine's Crown and I'll be caught up. I believe there are two more weeks to this BOW that I started last August over at Grandmothers Choice.

I also stitched down the last two outer tulips on my Midget block for this week last night while watching the Harry Potter movie on TV. This is number 97 - Western Rose. I'll straighten it up a bit when I trim down the background to 5 inches.

Now I just need to pull out some teal fabrics if I can find some and make a snails trail and 16 patch block for Saturday. First I think we'll head to the playground this morning. It had been closed for a while and finally reopened a couple of days before we left for Vermont. There are lots of new trails and equipment for the kids to play on. We can't wait to go explore.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow, you were busy ... you must have gotten home early yesterday morning to be able to accomplish all that in one day!

That playground sounds like run. Enjoy your Friday!

canuckquilter said...

Wow, you thought to clean the fridge before doing the post-vacation refilling. I wish I had thought of that! Lovely blocks, as always. Enjoy the new and improved playground!