Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tiny Tuesday - Midgets

This week is applique since there is not a sewing machine in sight. I had prepped block number 128 - Four Winds earlier this month and was able to get it sewn the last two days. It is an unusual block and my little cones are not perfect but it is done!

Mom also had some hand towels that needed some crochet on the top so she can hang them on the stove. I cut them in half and then do some crochet on top of each towel so they can be hung. She gets to add the buttons! I have one more set to do in the next week.

We finally made it to Ben and Jerry's yesterday. The kids got their ice cream sample at the end of the tour - although I think Emily got more on her face than in her mouth. We took a little hike to the flavor graveyard and then some time on the playground on the way back to the line to get a dish of ice cream. A very yummy lunch!

They had some free spin art as we were going in. The kids each did a little masterpiece that was hanging to dry until we left a couple of hours later. The green outer one on the top row and the orange, yellow and blue one next to it were Emily and Aidan's.

We also did a quick stop at Cold Hollow Cider Mill - Mom wanted some cider donuts for Dad. They were not pressing apples since it is not fall but they did have a little video on how it is done. The store has lots of cute little things... I really love a couple of the baskets but nothing came home with us except the donuts. There is also a bakery there that made the whole place smell wonderful.

The weather has really changed here - close to 90 degrees and humid. I think I'll take the kids to the beach today for a couple of hours so they can play in the sand. We also need to either give the kayaks or the paddle boat a test drive today. I think it will be the paddle boat since I can put both kids in that one. My goal is to tire them out a bit since naps are not happening out here.
Have a great Tuesday.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What a cute little block! Glad you were able to do the Ben and Jerry's tour. Hope you get some relief from that heat ... that sounds more like weather we'd have here than what they'd have in Vermont. ;-)

Ellen said...

That looks like a difficult block. Great job tackling it and getting it done.

Sounds like you are having a fabulous vacation!

Sheila said...

COOL dish towel crochet tops! You are so talented. Summer, kids and ice cream make happy memories <3

Amy said...

OH!!! Is there a pattern you use for the top of the towels? I have a couple here that were given to me as a gift, but being new, I'm not able to quite figure out how to crochet it on my own. I'd love to have more done; so much nicer than the towels always falling off the stove handle. :\

THANKS for any information.