Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another top finished.....

Boy, do I really need to machine quilt a bunch of these tops!
This is the Easy Street Mystery that I was working on last fall/winter over at Bonnie Hunters blog - It is a great blog and wonderful website full of free patterns and tips. I finally decided this was the week for boarders and put all three onto this quilt to get the top finished. It is now 97x97...... that is one huge quilt!

Since Wednesday was an early release day the boy got picked up at 12:05. We went directly for haircuts and Emily can now see (those bangs were getting long) and Mr. Scraggly hair is all trimmed up and neat for soccer pictures tonight. To keep them entertained, we did a science experiment yesterday and made a volcano! It is amazing what a little baking soda, food coloring and vinegar can do. 

Then they wanted to clean pennies..... so I got them each a bowl of salt and vinegar (always makes me want some salt and vinegar chips!) and they cleaned up some pennies. A great little experiment that will keep them entertained for a while.... and clean up your pennies! I guess it is time to start getting these two quilts pinned for quilting. Yesterday's will get pinned today and hopefully this one will get pinned on Sunday so I can start plugging away at it next week while the kids are at school. Then it will be time to figure out a backing for the blue and cream log cabin........


  1. Gorgeous quilt top!

    You are such a productive quilter! I feel like such a slacker in comparison.

  2. OOh, I like Easy Street in these colors! Baking soda and vinegar volcanos are great fun. If you add a touch of dishsoap they get foamy and viscous too.

  3. Oh wow I'll have to try that with my kids!! They would love it!

    The quilt is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Look at how nice and flat you got it too. ;)

  4. Your ES is amazing! Love it.
    Cleaning pennies??? Did I miss something?

  5. Wow! So many pieces, love the fabric combination!