Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tiny Tuesday...... Snails Trail.

Oh My Goodness. This was 2 hours of my life to get this little 4.5 inch block done this week. It's a good thing it is a very rainy day and perfect time for sewing. After some fixing on one of the blocks where I missed one of the triangles and got to pull out three parts to correct it, it is now finished and crossed off the list.

Last night I was baking some potato's in with the meatloaf when I heard a pop. Yup, a potato exploded. What a mess in my oven. I guess I am really going to have to clean it now =(.

I have 15 minutes until I have to go pick up Emmy - so I am going to go throw two more boarders onto Easy Street. That will leave me with the last green boarder to put on this afternoon (I hope). I am trying to get that one finished in the next week or two. 
Tonight is Open house at school - Aidan is so excited to show us his classroom. It should be a fun night.


  1. Oh my, snails trails that small look very fiddly to make. I am very impressed. Too bad about the potato - are you sure just sweeping out the chunks isn't sufficient? You can probably guess that my own oven doesn't get cleaned as often as perhaps it should be! Enjoy open house at school tonight. I remember my son being excited to show us his classroom. He's still a great kid, but not so excited to see us at the high school...

  2. Wow! that is tiny, tiny and me don't get along. LOL

  3. Your block turned out so adorable!

  4. That little snails trail is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Rainy weather is perfect for quilting!