Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday evening relaxing....

It has been a very eventful day. Grandma is getting a new couch and it should arrive early this week. Since our love seat was old and showing it's age, we got Grandma's old couch. G went and collected it this morning while the kids and I cleared out the pigsty  playroom. The old love seat was fixed (handy to have a Mr. Fix it for a hubby!) and placed into the play room. I get the job of attempting to work on the new covering this week. The new sofa looks great in the living room. Thanks Grandma!

While the boys worked on the love seat and Matter (Aidan was using the tools to fix his car!) he had a snack and then informed us his tooth was loose. Another bite of the rice krispie treat and the tooth was out! His first tooth lost at age 5 and a visit from the tooth fairy tonight. He was beyond excited and had to make lots of phone calls to inform everyone. Then he wrote a letter to the tooth fairy to tape to his door - he is a wee bit afraid of things at night so she is instructed that the tooth is in the living room for her viewing! Too funny. At least it was a bottom tooth as pictures are this Thursday! It seems the one next to it is now loose too - I have a feeling the tooth fairy will be making some trips to our house this week.

Then I took a trip to get groceries. I pulled into the driveway and there was a snake! I stopped the car. Got my cell phone and called into the house....
 Me: G.... there is a snake by the door I think and one in the driveway.
G: The one by the door is black and is fine.
Me: The one in the driveway is more colors than black and there are diamonds.
G: Hold on.... he got shoes on and checked it out. Yup, that's a rattler.
Me: I'm not getting out of the car.
He then went to the back shed, got a hoe and killed it for me. The black one slithered back into the bushes.
One dead snake, one other one gone. I finally got out of the car!

After that it was make dinner while G and the kids played soccer out back. Then a quick bite and pick up so we could go for a bike ride. A dip into the bath tub for the kids and off to bed.

As for me.... it is time to sit back and relax with some slow stitching. Too many things to choose from but it will either be some crochet on this baby blanket which is on skein three.... (new couch in the background).

Or some hand quilting on the apple quilt.

Hooking up with Kathy's Quilts - slow stitching Sunday. Head on over and see what is being stitched on this weekend.


  1. Love the tooth fairy story! My son was the same way about the tooth fairy and Santa etc.
    Enjoy your relaxing stitching!

  2. Aidan's tooth fairy story reminds me of when my boys were that age - so sweet! (Enjoy every minute - they grow up so fast!) All my years in Florida, I never saw a rattler in person - lucky you! :-)

  3. Wow! I think you deserve to sit back and relax! I've never encountered a rattler and hope I never do! Hope the tooth fairy finds the tooth just fine - it is so exciting especially the first lost tooth. ~Jeanne

  4. Too sweet about the tooth being in the living room for the tooth fairy to view. ha!

    That snake story scared me - from here! I don't care what color a snake is, I do NOT want to encounter them! And then to find out that one is a rattler. Yikes!!!!!

    I got a little slow stitching done this evening ... got a little more quilting done on my storm at sea. I'm doing an outline stitch, so I am not getting in any long continuous stitching. Have to stop and then start in a new location slows me down a good bit. But I'm making some progress, so it's all good. ;-)

  5. Gee Willykers but there's always a ton of stuff happening at your house! The tooth fairy story is priceless!
    Nifty Apple Quilt... it is sew pretty!
    Hope you get a chance to catch your breath b4 bedtime, then morning and it all starts over again!

  6. A busy time at your house! Love the photo of his missing tooth. So cute! I hate snakes too, we had one in the house not too long ago. Thank God for Richard, he caught it and killed it as it was a copperhead.

  7. Wow - you had a very busy and eventful day! I hope you were able to enjoy a nice relaxing evening.