Thursday, October 3, 2013

A long week.....

I knew I could not escape whatever was going around. I was down for the count on Tuesday and managed to get kids where they needed to go on Wednesday despite not being 100%. Today was the first day I felt like doing something in the sewing room.... so I put together a block for the Y2K quilt. Unfortunately, I didn't realize one of the cutting measurements was wrong until I put it together. I had to seam some white together to make the correct size to finish up this block. Here are the two I made this week - one on Monday and one today. I can tell from the group shot that I will be having lots of fun with proper seams putting this together. My two  from this week have the correct 12.5 inch seams... the others, not so much. Oh well, it is an on point setting and I'm sure I can get it to work.

Tuesday Dad got to drop the kids to school and then Grandma came and did the pick ups and took them to soccer for a game that night. The boy was so proud - he got the sportsmanship medal from his coach for the game! I guess Daddy working with them on Sunday really helped them out on the field. He has to return the medal tonight but was so proud to have received it.


  1. Sure hope you continue to feel better! The blocks look fine - don't ever admit problems!!! lol Glad you have a good support system around you. ~Jeanne

  2. Your blocks look great - I really like your colour choices.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  3. Sure am hoping that you're feeling better and that you are able to get in some more time sewing.

    I love your blocks ... can't wait to see the finished quilt. Do I dare ask how big those blocks are? ;-)