Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday, Wednesday.....

Another block for the Quilt Square pile was completed this week. This one was a cross between Lori Smiths design and mine. I had four leftover hst's and made two of these little squares in the middle. They were 4.5 inches and one of her designs had a star that size with some borders. You guessed it, I just popped my squares where the stars were and made my own block. Another one down... five to go!

I finished off the hand quilting on the log cabin from last week. Now to decide how to quilt the new one.


  1. I usually stitch my log cabin blocks down the center of each "log". I'll have to double stitch the "logs" on my next log cabin ... and there will be a next one soon as I do love the log cabin quilt (especially this variation)! ;-)

  2. Great job the new block you made