Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lori Smith Quilt Blocks.....

I made another one of the 12 inch blocks this week. This is a star block from her #6 pattern of little quilts. The hardest part of all of these is to select the colors. I went with hers for the green and red in the middle and then decided to surround it with blues and golds with a final green border. I think it came out pretty good. That leaves one more pieced block and two applique ones to go.

I started the hand quilting on last weeks in the car line today. This is about 10 minutes worth of work. Those little 10 minutes of time really add up.

The little girl is down with the bug now. She just had a high fever and her medicine this morning didn't stay down - but everything else she has eaten today has. Lots of crackers and toast.
Now the boy is getting restless and wants to do his HIPPY lessons and then I need to have him do his homework.


  1. I love your block! I think you did a great job choosing the colours.

    I am always amazed at how much I can get accomplished in small increments of time.

  2. Great block. Hope she gets well soon. Sounds like the bug is making it way through the family :(
    Stay well.

  3. You did a great job selecting the colours and getting all those small pieces where they needed to be. I love this block! Is each block going to be a mini quilt or will they all be joined together once they are quilted?

  4. Love the colors you chose... looks great! Nice piecing.
    Sorry the little one still isn't feeling well. Hope she is better soon.
    Isn't it amazing what a few minutes a day can accomplish!