Thursday, February 6, 2014

A new project.....

First off - Happy 6th Birthday to my favorite son - Aidan. He was not cooperating for pictures last night - or just wanted to show all those three teeth missing on the bottom! I set this to post at 1:26AM - when he was finally born 6 years ago.

I'll be bringing in his cupcakes for snack with his classroom this morning and then Daddy is going to bring him lunch and eat with him in the cafeteria. I think they both will have a great time. Then a big Thank You to Grandma H - she will take over the kid duty for us while we (Greg and I) head off to Tampa to take in a hockey game and a night away. Someone was just making sure I got to see the Leafs play and didn't notice it was someone's birthday when he purchased the tickets for me for Christmas. Aidan seems ok with us heading out and we'll celebrate with the Grandparents that are here on Friday after school. I set up a play date with his little girlfriend for Sunday too.

Another year and another graduation quilt needed for June. It seems my siblings have all conspired to have kids or step-kids about 6 months apart so that each one is in a different grade, thus making my graduation quilts one a year for the last 4 years and I have two to go before I get a break!
Technically, it is a double year as siblings are graduating from college (Ben) and high school (Becky). Not sure if he will get another one or not this year =). She has asked if the quilt I made last year was hard - because she liked it. So.... another Kaleidoscope quilt will be undertaken this month. She requested midnight blue, deep purple and teal/aqua for the 'main' or background color. This is what I have come up with so far for fabrics. I poked through and knew I had purchased a bunch of purples when the FQ's were on sale at Joann's over the last couple of months. I figured I had a bunch of blue in the stash...... well, I guess I don't have much left of the darker blues so I must go grab a few more to add to the mix at some point. I think that blue with the cream flowers will probably fall out of the mix.  Next week, I will start to cut into this fabric to make a twin size quilt. I'm going to follow the directions from the Sew along over at 'Don't Call me Betsy's' blog like I did last time. It went together great... the most difficult part was playing with them on the floor and deciding how to put them together.

What are you working on?


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Happy birthday, Aidan!

Enjoy your getaway ... GO LEAFS!!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! Love the colors for the new quilt. Hard decision about the college graduation cause if you make a quilt, you'll have many more in line. Or maybe you could do a simple pattern in the college colors… ~Jeanne

Moneik said...

It's so hard to believe he is 6! I remember when he was just a baby. Have a great night out with your hubby. It is so important to spend that time together. I've done that before, scheduled something without thinking of an important event. It all works out though.

soscrappy said...

Happy birthday to Aiden! Enjoy your grown up time