Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mid week....

I was all set to go to the gym today..... but a little girl was still feeling off this morning and when I 'beeped' her (took her temp) it was a little high for her..... and normal for all other kids. (98.9 - she is normally around 97.0). So.... no school for the girl today. We dropped Aidan off to his school and then came home and watched some Dora the Explorer in between sneezes and nose blowing. It is so funny to see her get up and do the things they tell her to. While she was doing that, Mommy had to sit on the couch with her so I added a few of these pink hexie flowers to the pile. I cheated a bit on the RSC and picked up a little bundle of pinks at Walmart the other day. They were 9x21 inches and I do plan to use them in a baby girl quilt in the next month or two.

We did pop out and drop the recycling bin to the drop off center, stopped to the gym so I could sign my charge slip and then the fruit stand because I completely forgot to get potato's and cukes yesterday. I have a pot of potato and sweet onion soup bubbling on the stove top for my lunch.  Yum. Emily cracked a couple of eggs and had scrambled eggs, ham and bread for her lunch. I had pulled some ham from the freezer that I had sealed from Easter last year I think. I popped a little into my soup too! I completely forgot I was going to try scalloped potato in the crock pot.... must go get a few more potato's tomorrow.

Here is a picture of the kids yesterday afternoon playing out on the driveway. Aidan created a Valentines card with lots of hearts.

I'm being summoned to sit next to someone as she watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I see a few more slow stitches in my future today.


  1. Must be something going around blogland ... my youngest grand is not feeling well either (although her temp is higher than Emily's). I hope to sit down and do a little stitching while watching the Olympics. I think I'm going to work on my hexies, too.

  2. I hope Emily feels better soon.I would have to cheat on the pinks if I was doing the RSC. Not a lot of variety of those in my stash. When my daughter was in her pink stage I wasn't a very productive quilter so not much got added at that time. Your lunch soup sounds good. Can you share the recipe? I'm trying to add variety to my soup repertoire.

  3. Love your pink flowers. I worked on two more pickle dish blocks this am. All the pieces are cut and ready to get sewn together. I pieced some scraps together to make two four inch squares to go in my pink wonky star. Not many pink pieces left after this week.

  4. I long for those kind of days, but it seems the days that I have sick kids, by mid morning they are up and about and playing, not just wanting to be quiet and relax all day. Hope she feels better soon.