Saturday, February 22, 2014

Progress report....

All the hugs and kisses blocks were trimmed and laid out. Good thing I was paying attention and was thinking having the O's on the outer corners seemed wrong. Can you figure it out?

The bottom square of an X was framed in light instead of a color. I ripped it out and framed it with orange and all is right with the world now. These are ready to sew together before anyone comes home and messes it up!

I also got 12 of the nine patch pink blocks completed. I think these will work into a cute little baby girl quilt. I need to figure out size and then what I will do with them. Hopefully Erin will like what I come up with.

After trimming all those X and O's - I cut 148 corner triangles for the Kaleidoscope graduation quilt. I'll try and play with that tomorrow and come up with a layout so I can start sewing that one together next week. The aqua fabric is the 'solid' or background fabric.

Ok - back to the sewing room for me but I'm making great progress in there. Hopefully the going out to dinner will happen around here or Grandma's house so I don't have to drive to The Villages. It would take a good 30-45 minutes out of my sewing time =) Now to get those X and O blocks all sewn together......


  1. I'm coming to the conclusion that eating and sleeping are overrated considering that there are so many quilts to be made. Ha!

  2. I agree with Kathy - who needs to eat when there is quilting to be done?!!! ~Jeanne