Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A rainy Wednesday....

 I missed Tiny Tuesday so in the 15 minutes I had this morning I whipped up this block from The Civil War Diary book. It is called 'My Greatest Trial' and was a fairly easy block to piece.

A shot of all of them so far this year.

Miss Em in the car line waiting for brother on Monday. Tuesday we had a play date at the park after school, and the loose front top tooth for Aidan was kindly pulled by his friend Trey's Mom. The tooth fairy had to scrounge around a bit for payment but she arrived and traded tooth number 4 for a little $. Now Emmy wants to know when her teeth will fall out so the Tooth Fairy can visit her! 


  1. How nice that the "greatest trial" wasn't a trial to piece! The tooth fairy did well. In the past she was known to be late to a collection date at our house due to - ahem- storms elsewhere on her way here...though she always showed up eventually!

  2. Another great block! Your daughter is a cutie. My granddaughter Aria wondered the same thing when her brother just lost his first tooth.

  3. What a cute little block!

    My oldest grandson lost a tooth last week ... Took the tooth fairy 3 days to make her visit. I told him that the tooth fairy was really slacking! Good thing he's 12 and hasn't believed in the tooth fairy in years (but is a good big brother and plays along because the two little ones still do).