Monday, October 3, 2016

Design wall Monday....

Yesterday was a much needed me day. The fence got put up around the garden with a little help from hubby. Lets hope the rabbits are not able to dig down that far to get in! I also had some time to relax with some stitching and prep work. I modified my stencil and have two of the rounded parts together in between the diamond. It worked for the size of 2 of the 4 sides. How I am off by one inch on the other two, I do not know but I winged it and drew in a smaller circle on those sides to make it fit. I also had drawn the pattern on the back of some fabric for the 1857 border blocks. I had cut a couple of the purples and got them back basted yesterday too. I just need to trip them up and then can needle turn appliqué them. Sometime you just need to settle in with some slow stitching to relax and prep for another busy week.


  1. Love the motif! I think that's how our grandmothers solved the problem also - just modify the stencil! Glad you made it work. ~Jeanne

  2. I love quilting cables...enjoy!
    Hope you have electric power throughout the storm so you can quilt!