Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mid week and still surviving!

I realized I never posted Sunday so after Saturday's (Thursday actually) post you might be wondering how I am faring.
Emily got sick at the soccer game Thursday night before they started to play so was home last Friday with me. She was fine that day but after her tummy issues that night it was safer to keep her home.
Kid are in school today after two days off - Yea! I have an IEP for Aidan's FLAME class today. He loves it and is doing great with his teacher one day a week.
We hired someone on Saturday for the store so I only have to work Friday and the next few Sundays .... can't wait for Nov 11 =). Kids went to grandma's Monday and Tuesday during the day - a big thank you to Grandma for taking them so I could get my working programming hours in without the kid noise in the background.

Pumpkins got carved at girl scouts - I have great parents who stepped up to help with the knife work while I baked off some seeds for the girls to try. Aidan also went (Dad was working) and he directed the craft for the girls after they had cleaned out the pumpkin and drew their faces on for carving. Pumpkins out of old tp rolls. Thanks Jill for taking the pictures since I somehow left my phone (with camera) at home that night.

I did sneak in a little yellow and background cutting time and sewed a few triangles.... for my birds in the air blocks. Hopefully I can squeeze in a little more sewing time here and there and get a few birds sewn together. I also loaded the new printer cartridges and have the fabric cut for printing out some more of the inklingo shapes.... they might get printed out this afternoon! Just need to iron on the freezer paper to the front and print them out.

***Edited - kids were rolling coins and I got these printed out!!!!! That should keep me busy for a while with hand work!

Off to work....