Friday, October 7, 2016


We are all hunkered down at home today due to the ts warning we are under on the west central part of Florida. It is looking like we will just get a rain storm with some minor wind here - right about 21 mph now so not bad at all. Thank goodness it tracked to the east and is not going to hit the coast. Now we just need to keep an eye on it and see it it decides to come back for a visit again next week.

The kids are going nuts inside (one is worried but he won't admit it and is has been acting out all morning, poor Daddy is not used to it). Emily cleaned up her room this morning and is working through some homework. We took a break (I worked for a few hours this morning and hope to get  a few more hours in this afternoon) and made a pumpkin craft. We made our lunch and then she did  a homework worksheet on nouns. I cooked up some play dough that she measured out and she is now busy kneading some red food coloring into that. I'm back to the computer to work for a few hours. Hopefully Aidan will clean up his room and then he can get a batch of play dough made for him to play with.

Do you think I'll get any sewing time in today? I sure do hope so. I have plenty of scraps that need to become something.


  1. I guess a hurricane day is only a little like a snow day - you've got the worry and your are cooped up :( Hopefully you don't get any damage or flooding and I pray the storm just turns and goes out over the ocean. ~Jeanne

  2. Oh happy to hear you are not going to get slammed where you are...isn't it unbelievable that it is going to circle back? I have NEVER heard of that happening before...stay safe and enjoy some sewing hugs, Juolierose

  3. Stay safe and dry. Hoping that you are spared the worst of it.

  4. SEW glad that the predictions for your area weren't as bad as they might have been. Happy Quilting!!