Sunday, October 30, 2016


What a whirlwind of a week! Thank goodness Kathy reminds us to slow down and try and relax and breathe on Sundays. Later today I should be able to get a few more stitches into this. I've been too tired this week to work on it in the evenings. I did get a little stitching in on it during a  1 hour power outage during the day Tuesday when I did this instead of my programming job. No noise, no power just a quiet house running some stitches through fabric. So relaxing. I have about one side left to stitch and then I can trim and make the binding.

Thursday the kids had a soccer game. They played great - actually saw my kids run! We tied a very good team and get to play them again next week for the last game of the season. This will be the makeup game from the Hurricane delay last month.  We got their soccer pictures... can you tell they were taken on a really hot day after practice!

Friday night I was able to go to my cooking class club with Pampered Chef. One of my co-leaders with girl scouts sells it and needed one more slot to fill so I took it. I have found some really good recipes to make. They can be found under the pampered chef website under healthy recipes. 

Margherita pizza

Chicken bruschetta pasta
I actually made a version of this last night for dinner with leftover roaster chicken. So yummy and easy to make. So nice to go out to the garden and pick the basil for this one!
Bruschetta pasta recipe
Margherita pita pizza

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  1. my daughter used to sell Pampered Chef and I have a few things from those years - I will need to look at their web site for recipes

  2. Indeed try to slow down! I love Pampered Chef--thanks for the recipe recommendations.

  3. Both of these dishes look wonderful / enjoy your stitching today.

  4. Your yummy photos made me feel hungry!! Looks delish!
    Enjoy quilting the last border... you are so close to a finish!

  5. I know that exhausted feeling. Crazy week here too. I have severeal stoneware pieces from pampered chef that I use all of the time. My 9X13 makes the best brownies! Enjoy your stitches today!

  6. Pretty quilt, I like your border design! That pasta dish looks really good too!

  7. Nice quilt! The pizzas look so nice♥