Saturday, October 22, 2016

RSC Saturday....

Boy, what a difference a week makes! I think I'm back to my even keel of normal life after a couple weeks of hectic and stress.

My FIL came through eye surgery great and is able to see in that eye. A little blurry still yesterday but that was expected. So happy for him. Last night my safe halloween trick or treat as my Avon booth went really well. Hopefully I'll get some sales from the 20-30 brochures that people took to look at. The kids had a great time going through and then helped me hand out candy and mark off our number on the sheet. My kids enjoy handing out the candy more than trick or treating! They also had a great time with all the other activities they had for the kids - games, bouncy slide, food and music.
Emily was Cinderella again this year and Aidan was a scarecrow.

Aidan finally went to bed really good last night after a rough week with him not settling down and being up past 9 each night. Hopefully this will keep up so we don't drive out Grammy and Grandpa when they come visit next month!
I got some diamonds printed out Wednesday afternoon to hand piece these at bowling this week. Felt so good to get something done.

I also got all my parts prepped for making some birds in the air blocks. They just need to get sewn together into some 6 inch blocks.

Emily had bowling and Aidan had scouts this morning. This afternoon is working on Emily's diorama for her school project. Arctic Tundra for her.... might have something to do with Dad having lived in Alaska for 4 years and been to Antartica for a few months. They are adding the northern lights to the top of the box now.. then will work on the rest with adding the landscape and animals. She has taken notes of her facts and answered the questions and done her research the last few weeks. We just need to get that into a paragraph. The reward is Yamato's for dinner tonight to celebrate good report cards that came home yesterday. 

Linking up with the RSC Challenge today for yellow/orange.


  1. Pretty YELLOWs prepped for your Birds in the Air blocks!! Glad that you had some little helpers at the Safe Halloween trick-r-treat event. Wishing you a wonderful stress-free weekend!

  2. It's great that you were able to get a bit of sewing done. I love the idea of having a safe Halloween party for kids. It takes some of the stress out of it.

  3. You have had a busy week. Your trick or treaters are adorable. I can't wait to see your birds in the air.

  4. Your kids are cute and growing! I hope you get some quiet time tomorrow. ~Jeanne

  5. such sweet costumes for sweet kids

  6. Can't believe how the kids are growing up! (Don't blink!) Nice diamond blocks this week!

  7. Very cute costumes! Your diamond blocks look great. Hopefully life is a bit slower and you can enjoy some more stitching time.

  8. Our oldest son had trouble settling down for sleep at night. That is not fun! Hopefully yours will grow out of it! (Although ours now has a job where he works in the afternoon/evening) so he still doesn't have to go to bed early! Your yellow/ orange birds in the air blocks are going to be pretty!

  9. Hope you get to take a deep breath now and then!
    Love the yellows, and those 8pointed stars are very tempting!