Monday, November 13, 2017

Running around day....

After logging into work to let them know I was taking the day off, it was time to evaluate what we needed in the house for food. Looking in the pantry - I counted 9 open bags of potato chips! 9! Really? I guess I know what they ate while I was gone......

After hitting the dollar store to get headbands for the girls scouts - parade attire to attach snowflakes to ... somehow..... I went to Aldi's and got my fresh fruit and veggies. Note to self - go early Monday morning 10ish and you get a great selection! Then home to put things away. Off to Publix to pick up deli meat and a few other things. Home to put away..... a quick lunch and then.... 1 hour until the kids were out of school. Hmmmm. I decided to find the sewing room and pulled out some black and grey 2.5 inch strips and cream/white ones to cut some half square triangles for the BITA (birds in the air) blocks. It is the dark month at the RSC Challenge after all.

I need 13 black and 12 brown blocks this month to finish off the last ones needed for this quilt. Hopefully I can find some time this week to actually sew them!

For now.... I suppose the house needs some attention - dusting and vacuuming and sweeping and mopping. Amazing how none of that seems to happen while I am away. I'll deal with the bathrooms tomorrow..... Somehow dinner needs to get made early and then the boy delivered to his last soccer practice this season and Em and I head to girl scouts to see where we are on the banner for the Light up Ocala parade on Saturday.  At least I have things for 3 meals in house... just need to decide what I am having which day! Tonight will probably be baked chicken with asparagus, tomorrow Emily's favorite - Roasted veggie and sausage penne pasta, then Aidan's favorite on Wednesday - corned beef with tons of carrots in the crock pot. Clear out the fridge on Thursday leftover night before the last soccer game and who knows... maybe I'll get my belated birthday dinner at Yamato's on Friday or Saturday night. We will see.