Sunday, November 12, 2017


What a busy week with not a single hand stitch with needle and thread. I did crochet a top to a kitchen towel for my Mom... but that was it!

I forgot my handy dandy neck light while traveling.... so ended up reading books on my kindle (ok, playing games too on there!) instead.

I pulled out my hand work for the flights home...but seem to be missing my little scissors. Hmmmm, I just unpacked (See later in the blog post) and don't remember seeing them. Must go through more things to see if I can find them.... found them! Right next to the hand quilting thread.

Tonight... relaxing will be some hand work. I am not up to doing much so I think I will pull out the little orange peel doll quilt, mark a quilting design on the border and sit and relax with that and a movie until the kids are returned home.

I have my handy dandy floor Ott light right next to my recliner with the flex so I can position it just how I want it.

What will you be relaxing with? Linking up with Kathy's Quilts who reminds us to slow down (I really do need that reminder each week even if I don't do it!).

Feel free to stop reading here if you want.... but here is a low down of my week and the end of my run of smooth traveling. If something happens when people travel in my family - they say they have the Debbie curse! I tended to get bumped and have bags go missing or flights delayed/cancelled all the time. I learned life is so much easier when you ' go with the flow'! It is a good lesson and I still try to remember that... especially on Friday night. Completely out of my hands and you just have to make the best of your situation. Less stress that way!  I had a good 2 years of uneventful traveling.... maybe the next flight will start the smooth travel spell again!

It was a nice relaxing flight up to Vermont (no kids in tow) , a busy but good week working and visiting friends and family while up there (I lived there my first 39 years before moving to Florida 6 years ago). Friday I attended the company's annual meeting in the morning and then headed to the airport with another co-worker who works remotely from California. We had a nice leisurely lunch at The Skinny Pancake past security in the Burlington Airport. I highly recommend the crepe Veggie Monster. It was yummy... and a good thing I had a good lunch! My flight landed in JFK and took off fine... other than having to gate check one of my bags due to a packed flight and people being let on with huge bags that took up the overhead space for those boarding last. I opted to move my kindle and purse into my computer bag and kept that with me and gate checked the roll on. Good move on my part. We were in the air flying to Orlando when the pilot came on about half way through indicating there was an incident at Orlando and we were being diverted to Jacksonville to refuel and wait for corporate to make decisions. Turns out there was a camera battery in a bag that started smoking, the person handed it to TSA and ran when it exploded. Utter panic and chaos ensued - as you would expect. People ran past security which caused the airport to be evacuated  and  be sent through screening again once they figured out what happened and things had calmed down. This happened around 5:30 and My flight was diverted around 8PM... with them still evacuating at that point. With not knowing how long it will take and everything being closed at Jacksonville airport it was decision time. (I was to land at 840 in Orlando - get my bags, truck in long term parking and head home for the 1 hour 15 minute drive).  Do I stay and wait it out.... or rent a vehicle and drive 2 hours and 15 minutes to get home and deal with the baggage later (they were not going to unload anything - again - no one was there to work and they called in 3 workers to at least let us get off the plane and the other ones diverted there, thank goodness). I checked with hubby, and he said get a car and drive. I did - and got home at Midnight. Saturday was busy - kids bowling in the morning, Grandpa A visiting in the early afternoon and then I called to check on my bags and let them know I would pick up Sunday... after 1 hour and 20 minutes on hold but.... they did find the second one! We rescheduled my birthday dinner out with the kids as Emily really wanted to go to a friends birthday party that night - which I had to go to with her as they played and then watched a movie outside with a projector on the house. Today - kids were dropped to Grandma H (45 minute drive) and then Greg and I headed to Orlando (1.5 hour drive) to drop off the rental car, pick up my bags and then get the truck. Good news - the ping in the windshield is still just a ping. It didn't crack like mine did a few weeks ago! I let Greg drive home and we had a very late lunch out at Cracker Barrel - I really wanted their Sunday fried chicken dinner =). Then home to empty the bags and start laundry. Prep for girl scout meeting tomorrow and I am contemplating taking tomorrow off for a day of rest from all the travel issues. We will see.... I might just have to find the sewing machine and relax a bit.


  1. Oh my goodness all due to a battery / CRAZY!!!!! What a time of it :(

  2. Oh... the Debbie curse! I'm really glad you made it home safely albeit late. That camera battery caused a lot of inconvenience. - Wow! ~Jeanne

  3. Welcome home. My last trip they sort of lost my walker so had to use the wheel chair assist. The walker eventually came home from a few days in Paris. I pack the few things I cannot be without in my carry on hand bag.

  4. Wow!! That was SOME trip home!!! I say take tomorrow off to chill. You deserve it!

  5. Wow that's wHat to much excitement for me. Happy Stitching

  6. Ohmygosh--I guess you do need some Slow Sunday Stitching--even if only a few....
    hugs, Julierose

  7. The Debbie curse.....poor you. Glad you're home safe and sound.