Monday, April 23, 2018


I think I need another weekend already!
Great progress yesterday although it didn't seem like it. I had to do the kid drop to Grandma yesterday as hubby was under the weather. He is still holed up in the bedroom today... day 3 of a possible flu bug. He is quarantined from the rest of the house =)

After dropping kids off and a little visit with Grandma - I headed to the girl scout store to pick up a few things and get Emily's Jr vest and necessary decals for it. Home for a bite to eat and then it was sewing time! I saw this beautiful field of flocks and had to snap a photo.

The 18 blocks needed for the graduation quilt got completed. Now onto the second block. I got everything cut and sewn and pressed to parts. I have a bunch of HST's to make again.... but the other parts of the block are ready to cut from their sewn together strips and should go together quickly.

Some crochet got added to the new afghan... until the kittens discovered the yarn moving.

So I switched to something I keep putting off - adding badges to the brownie vest. I know - I still have some from LAST year that need to get put on but I am running out of room! I added 7 fun patches yesterday to the back and the 2 journey's, a first aid badge and a camper badge that were earned this year to the front. I still have a bunch to add (at least 10 and some more she is getting..... arrrgghhhh). Hopefully I can add another  3-4 today in a rainy day car line without poking my fingertips too much.

Clorox wipes will be used a lot this week to try and keep the rest of the house from getting whatever Greg has.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I just realized that you are from the town that had the last school shooting I do hope the kids were not too freaked out by it - it is horrible all that is going on with shootings almost every day it seems.
Those are a lot of badges you are adding.

SusanfromKentucky said...

Yay Emily, for earning all those badges! The blocks for the graduation quilt look great and I LOVE your banner at the top with the Pink Dresden!!
Open the windows and air out to get rid of those "bug" germs!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

That flu bug spreads fast! Hope you and kids are well.